Ensuring access to affordable, quality early childhood education; enhancing the financial literacy of women; protecting women's access to healthcare; and providing safe, affordable, and reliable transportation are just a few of the ways Prosperity Together partners help women stay in work. One of the most common is through support of two-generation programs that provide job training and education to mothers while offering high-quality childcare for their children. Women's foundations are at the forefront of these multi-generation efforts. Join us here during the week of March 19 to hear about our partners impact!

Business Allies for Child Care - Iowa Women's Foundation

The structure of the American family is changing and businesses looking to sustain a reliable workforce need to keep up. In many Iowa communities where child care is either unaffordable, inaccessible or nonexistent, working parents miss work, drop shifts, are less engaged on the job, switch employers, or leave the workforce altogether. Child care-related work benefits can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to develop, grow, and hold onto their workforce. Research shows that increasing access to quality, affordable child care options isn’t just a great perk for employees—it’s good for your bottom line and can play a critical role in your workforce retention strategy.

See more about Iowa Women's Foundation's work with local businesses here.

Advancing Safe Workplaces and Communities -- Vermont Women's Fund

In February, Vermont Women's Fund hosted a gathering of more than 700 people to hear firsthand from Jodi Kantor of The New York Times at a Women’s Fund event in Burlington about her experience researching and writing the story about the many women who suffered sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s most powerful men.

As it turned out, Weinstein’s behavior was not so different from other powerful leaders who engaged in inappropriate behavior and were publicly fired or forced to resign. And from the perspective of the millions of women who joined the #MeToo movement, exposing this longstanding, corrosive issue could not have come at a better time!

Jodi encourages us to ask: “What are we going to be able to tell our children? That the #MeToo moment passed? Or where were you when the wall came down?
And what did you do?”

Read more about how they are igniting the conversation: www.vermontcf.org/TheVermontWomensFund/Home.aspx