Developing supports for emerging female leaders is one of Prosperity Together partners' top priorities in 2018. This includes helping women run for elected office, providing supports for women in local businesses (including emerging female technical, science, and engineering leaders), and empowering young women and girls to shape their world. In fact, many Prosperity Together partners create and support programs specifically for women and youth of color. Join us here during the week of March 5 to hear about our partners impact! 

GirlsLEAD Summit -- Washington Area Women's Foundation

The GirlsLEAD Summit is a city-wide convening designed in partnership with young women and girls to build the confidence and capacity of other local young women to effect positive change in their neighborhoods and communities. During this Summit, participants will experience interactive workshops on a range of topics; examples include violence, street harassment, reaching educational goals, entrepreneurship, advocacy, social media and technology.

Encouraging the next generation of leaders!